Monday, 17 May 2010

Volcanic ash - again

OK, OK this is getting past a joke! This volcanic ash from the Eyjafjallajokull eruption is really causing travel chaos. Like a stealthy mugger it creeps up on you and hits you before you know it. I was due to travel to Copenhagen today and although the Edinburgh airport website said the airport was closed, it stated that my flight was scheduled. So off I trot to the airport to find all flights are cancelled!

This is the second occasion my travel has been disrupted by an eruption.The first was several weeks ago on returning from a business trip to Malta. Arriving into Heathrow was fine however all onward connections were cancelled which meant a night in London and the train back to Edinburgh followed by a bus to the airport to pick up my car. To add insult to injury my bags were lost for over a week.

Still, at least this time I only had the inconvenience of a thirty minute drive to and from Edinburgh airport.

Of course, during the day the ash has now changed direction (must be female) and headed off to bug someone else. I'm going to try and travel again on Wednesday to get the trip done so fingers crossed that I can get there on the second attempt.

Talking about Iceland, why are the words so difficult to pronounce? It's a beautiful place but a strange and beautiful language. Surnames are also interesting with everyone named after someones son or daughter, as in Magnusson or Bengisdottir. It is a good place to eat fish which seems to be the staple diet and the main industry of the island. The people are very friendly and amazingly good looking so breathing in volcano fumes and eating fish is obviously good for you.

By the way, did you know the longest word in the Icelandic language is Haestrettarmalaflutningsmaour? It apparently means 'supreme court barrister'.

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