Monday, 10 May 2010

Starting Out

Well, I have often wondered what this blogging lark is all about. Exposing one's soul to the world? A form of self -aggrandisement? A fillip to the ego perhaps?

I enjoy writing so having experimented with Twitter and Facebook, as well as an initial blog that turned into my life history, I thought it was time to start again and see if I can get to grips with this technology - baring my soul to the world of fellow bloggers. Trouble is though, how far should one go to bare their soul, if such a thing exists, to the wider world? I guess everyone has problems but it's funny how one's individual problems always seem greater than anyone elses.

Reading this back makes me out to be a maudlin soul which is not my usual personality at all. I read somewhere that blogs, Twitter etc all lead to a tendency to expose every foible of ones life; as if the computer screen acts as a barrier to the wider world and lulls the writer into a false sense of security. Hmm, all these philosophical questions.

I will try and make my future blogs more exciting, fun and interesting!

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