Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Happy birthday!

Today is a day of birthdays. Firstly, my sister celebrates today (I won't say how old she is of course!). It is also the fifth birthday of my grandson, Josh. My wife and I are lucky to have four gorgeous grandsons although sadly two of them, Cody & Robin, moved to the USA two years ago with my eldest son and his wife. We don't therefore get to see them that often but thanks to the modern technological marvels of Skype and web cams we get to chat to them, and my son, most weekends.

Josh's birthday party was a cacophony of noise and rumbustiousness as all his nursery friends arrived to celebrate. Although the weather wasn't that great we all had great fun in the park playing on the swings, roundabout and various other items of paraphernalia.

Back to the house then for the food, which I think ended up more on the floor than the kid's plates. Calm was restored when they all sat down to watch 'Toy Story 2.

Next month it is Cody's birthday so that means making sure I buy his card and post it off early so it arrives on time. Cody & Robin live in a very pleasant suburb of Milwaukee where the winters are freezing (the cold wind and snow blowing off Lake Michigan) and the summer is hot and sunny. They live in what is called a 'walking community' which is great as there are few cars around to pose a danger to the kids playing or walking to school and traffic is very light. This explodes the myth, and to some extent my experience, of all American households having at least fourteen cars on the driveway - I didn't think anyone walked in the US!

No doubt by the time Cody & Robin reach their teens they will be acting and speaking like Americans.

Birthdays always make me think how quickly time passes, especially when looking at ones kids and grandkids. Oh well, the march of time is unstoppable and it is true that the older one gets the quicker time seems to pass.

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