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Thursday, 26 August 2010

About time for an update!

Well, I just realised that my last post was in June! My, how time flies. We had a great vacation in Gran Canaria (which reminds me I must download the holiday pics) and enjoyed two weeks of rest and fun in the sun. Now the focus has to be on the garden as boy does it go wild. The beech hedge and the bushes need trimming back so'Garden Tamers' are coming next week to do the honours.

With September almost upon us it will be time to get back into the trips for work and the first will be to our corporate office in Bothell for various marketing and other meetings.

In October I start a ten month online virtual training course for the Professional Diploma in Marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. This will help me develop my theoretical marketing skills and give me some more tools to carry to my work function. The beauty of this being a virtual course means I can log on anywhere in the world and means its easy to attend the calls etc as with all my travelling it is hard to commit to a regular college based course.

Hate to say it but it isn't long until Christmas.............

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  1. One of the boons of technology, that - 25 years ago if you wanted to do an off-site academic course you had to get up at an obscene hour of a Saturday morning to watch some 70s academic with dodgy dress sense and lively hair pontificate on the Open University.

    Glad to hear you're adding another string to your bow - there's a misguided assumption that older workers (no offence, I mean anyone over 50) aren't interested in training and skills development because they already have one eye on retirement. What nonsense, especially in the modern economic climate.

    Employers need to encourage older workers to up-skill - it is one of the ways of increasing their engagement and perhaps retaining them, thus avoiding losing their valuable skills and experience. There simply aren't enough younger workers with the right skills coming through to replace them.